Apivar 10 Pack

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  • Apivar 10 Pack
  • Apivar 10 Pack
  • Apivar 10 Pack

Apivar 10 Pack

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Directions for use.

Apivar® comes in the form of rigid strips vacuum sealed in sachets containing 10 strips.  Because they are rigid they are easy to place in the hive.

Apivar® is a contact miticide and the active ingredient, Amitraz, is distributed throughout the hive by bees contacting the strips and then contacting other bees.

Each application requires 2 new rigid strips per brood chamber.  It is important to maintain this dosage as it provides the necessary strip surface area to ensure that the bees are able to distribute enough active ingredient throughout the colony to provide optimum efficacy. 

Each strip can be easily suspended between the frames, from the topbars, using a toothpick or match through the hole provided.  Alternatively you can use the pop-up triangular tag to hang the strip from the top of the frame. 

Hang the strips in the area of the highest bee activity.  Apivar strips are suspended in the brood chamber in such a way that the bees can walk on both sides of the strips.  Leave the strips in place for at least 6 weeks before removing.

After use, to avoid any risk of resistance developing and environmental pollution, the strips must be removed from the hives and destroyed under approved methods.  Do NOT re-use any strips after one treatment.

The self life of Apivar® is two years from the date of manufacture, when stored appropriately in unopened satchets.

Storage should be at ambient room temperature and out of direct sunlight.

Apivar® quantitative and qualitative composition
Amitraz.............0.5 g (or 3.33%)
Vehicle...........15.0 g
Sealed sachet containing 10 strips

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